AEO Client Project

Graphic: AEO Closet and AEO Truefit

Project Overview


Create a voice recognition (VR) and/or contextualized app experience to support American Eagle Outfitters’ (AEO) customer and associate needs.


My team distributed an online survey to learn common frustrations or pain points AEO customers experience when shopping in-store and online. Our target audience consisted of 43 individuals ages 18-40. Based on the findings, the team learned that customers struggle with getting a sense of how clothes fit and feel when shopping online.

In addition to a survey, two members interviewed friends who routinely shop at AEO. Since we were not permitted to interview random individuals shopping at AEO stores, team members sat with friends and observed them make a purchase on AEO's website.


Based on the research findings, the team focused on developing two features that provide customers with information on how an item will fit and feel. This information is based on:

  • Body measurements, such as height, weight and chest shape

  • Similar AEO clothing items they may have previously purchased.

My Role

I served as the UX lead for this project. My responsibilities included creating task flows, sketches, and a high-fidelity prototype of the AEO app that integrated our solutions. I also participated in usability testing of the app and make modifications based on user feedback.




18-year-old female going to college for marketing. Prefers to shop online instead of visiting a physical store.


To be to confidently order clothes online and not have to worry whether or not she selected the correct size.


When clothes she ordered online do not fit properly and she has to visit a store to return them.



23-year-old male who is working as a web developer in a small startup.


Because of his casual work environment, Jeff always wears jeans to work. He enjoys wearing different styles of jeans, so he would like to know the size he needs to order in each different style when shopping online.


When he is unsure of what size to order and receives little help from customer reviews. Due to the hectic nature of working at a startup, Jeff has very little time to visit a brick-and-mortar store.

Task Flows

Image: AEO Closet User Task Flow
Image: AEO True Fit User Task Flow


Image: Sketch of AEO Closet with VR screens
Image: Sketch of AEO Closet speech screens
Image: Sketch of AEO Closet screens
Image: Sketch of AEO Closet Fit and Feel screens


Image: Wireframe AEO Closet screen
Image: Wireframe of My AEO screen
Image: Wireframe of TrueFit Results screen
Image: Wireframe of AEO TrueFit Profile