Stage AE Project

Graphic: Stage AE

Project Overview


For this project, Stage AE’s business ask was to make it easy for customers to find and buy tickets directly from their website. The goals for an updated experience were to:

  • Increase ticket purchases from Stage AE’s website

  • Improve customer satisfaction and confidence in purchasing tickets.


The first step in my research process was to learn more about Stage AE, its target customers and what product or service it offers. From here, I conducted strategic customer research to identify pain points in the ticket finding and buying experience and answer the following business research questions:

  1. How do we know it’s difficult for customers to find and buy tickets?

  2. When/where is the customer encountering difficulty in the ticket finding/buying process?

  3. Where else are customers purchasing tickets?

  4. What are customers saying about finding and buying tickets on our website?

After completing strategic customer research, I then conducted tactical customer research to dig deeper and identify the cause of pain points uncovered during strategic customer research. In addition to strategic and tactical research, I conducted a storyboarding workshop with 12 potential Stage AE customers. The storyboard topic was the ideal ticket finding and buying experience on Stage AE’s website.

Project Vision

Efficient: Allow Stage AE customers to quickly and easily find and buy tickets to upcoming Stage AE events.

Clarity: Provide Stage AE customers with enough detail about the pricing and seating location for tickets.

Confidence: Instill confidence in Stage AE customers when purchasing tickets on the Stage AE website.

Usability: Provide customers with a simple and modern ticket finding and buying experience that is consistent across desktop and mobile devices.


Based on the research findings, I designed an experience that included the following features to address pain points uncovered during the research phase:

  • Search bar for easier site navigation

  • Calendar view of upcoming Stage AE events

  • Option to sort and filter events

  • Interactive ticket map that allows customers to see exactly where they’ll be seated at an event

  • Information about how many remaining tickets are available for a concert

  • Timeline of events for a Stage AE show.

My Role

I conducted all phases of the UX design process in this project. This included performing user and business research, developing a problem and opportunity statement, creating sketches, low-fidelity and high-fidelity prototypes, and performing usability testing and making adjustments based on user feedback.

In addition, I developed an iOS UI style guide for the new Stage AE website. This style guide defines the typograpghy, color palette, UI elements and grid settings used in my prototype of the Stage AE website.


Image: Sketch of search bar and events calendar screens
Image: Sketch of events calendar and sort/filter option
Image: Sketch of interactive ticket map and Spotify integration
Image: Sketch of Spotify integration and event timeline


Image: Wireframe of events calendar screen
Image: Wireframe of home screen with search bar
Image: Wireframe of interactive ticket map
Image: Wireframe of event timeline screen